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My name is Michael Parolini. I am a first class graduate in Games Technology from Kingston University. I am searching for a position as a graduate programmer working with Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 3D.
I am most interested the fields of Gameplay Programming where I have 3 years of experience programming AI on student projects. 
I also have a good knowledge assets creation both in 2D using Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate),  and 3D Autodesk Maya, and Substance Painter 2. 
My hobbies include Drawing, Exercising, Video Games, Programming, 3D Modelling. I currently reside in Surbiton, South-West London. 





  • C++ – 3 years of experience gained during university studies. Console games development, OpenGL graphics programming, Unity3D Engine, Unreal Engine 4 and GFC (SDL based).
  • Unreal Engine Blueprints – 2 years of experience on creating game mechanics using Unreal Engine Blueprints.
  • C# – 3 years of experience of Unity games development.
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript – Basic website building.

3D Art

  • Autodesk Maya :  3 years  experience of creating Game assets for Unity3D and Unreal Engine 4.
        •  1 year experience of character animation and rigging.
  • Substance Painter 2 : 2 years of experience of texturing games assets .

2D Art

  • Adobe Creative Suite :
    • 6 years  experience of creating digital imagery using Illustrator and Photoshop and Fireworks.
    • 2 years of experience in video editing using AfterEffects and Premiere Pro.
    • 1 year of experience using Fuse for character creation.
    • 1 year of experience in web development using Dreamweaver.



For any question or information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.